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Nearly 88 million tons of FOOD WASTE are generated annualy only in Europe. This number sounds too big but to have a better idea, it means that each of us produce 173 kg food waste per year*. That’s a lot of food right?

We can’t believe that so much edible good food is going to waste every day. Food waste is not just  the waste itself, but the time and resources that went into producing, delivering, selling and preparing the food.

Most of the food waste can be avoided by managing it better, despite the food industry seems to push us in the opposite direction. Good news are that we as consumers have a voice and a CHOICE!

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There is much we can do as consumers to stop unnecessary waste with our daily actions, like planning meals, buying only what we need and re-imagining new dishes with our letfovers. Every bit makes a diference so join the community to share your zero waste journey!

We want to join the global food lovers movement with our daily actions, contribuiting to a more respectful relationship with the environment and others.

So, are you a FOOD LOVER

We are collecting a bunch of leftovers recipes from your experience and we will send a cookbook to all of you once it is ready.

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*Data from the report “Fusions. Estimates of European food waste levels”