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Nearly 88 million tons of FOOD WASTE are generated annualy only in Europe. This number sounds too big but to have a better idea, it means that each of us produce 173 kg food waste per year*. That’s a lot of food right?

We can’t believe that so much edible good food is going to waste every day. Food waste is not just  the waste itself, but the time and resources that went into producing, delivering, selling and preparing the food.

Most of the food waste can be avoided by managing it better, despite the food industry seems to push us in the opposite direction. Good news are that we as consumers have a voice and a CHOICE!

food waste table

There is much we can do as consumers to stop unnecessary waste with our daily actions, like planning meals, buying only what we need and re-imagining new dishes with our letfovers. Every bit makes a diference so join the community to share your zero waste journey!

We want to join the global food lovers movement with our daily actions, contribuiting to a more respectful relationship with the environment and others.

So, are you a FOOD LOVER

We are collecting a bunch of leftovers recipes from your experience and we will send a cookbook to all of you once it is ready.

Receive the collaborative cookbook joining here: Join Surfarm!

Recipes WANTED

*Data from the report “Fusions. Estimates of European food waste levels”

The initial spark!

Our Journey 👣

What is next in our life? That’s how everything started.

Today we want to share a part of our journey with you!

Talking about the future is something that most of us do constantly and so were we. The future is by definition unknown and sometimes it may be scary. Trying to stay present at those moments and write the future down on a piece of paper has usually worked for us. That’s exactly what we were doing when we came up with the idea of SurFarm.

At that time, we had just moved to Barcelona, which is the most vivid place we’ve ever lived in before. The lovely city is so rich in culture, mixtures and aromas that one can feel connected to other corners of the world. It will always have a place in our soul but like everything else, it’s got an issue too. The city has become a “must visit” in every travel list. It doesn’t matter the season or neighbourhood, all over the place you can easily bump into someone with a camera glued to the left eye. The extreme form of tourism in Barcelona leaves a negative impact on the culture and values which make the city a great place to be!

We clearly see a great potential for a change within the immense tourism sector. We thought it was worth trying to contribute to an alternative kind of tourism, bringing people together to do “insideseeing” instead of sightseeing. An alternative kind of tourism means for us a tourism based on EXPERIENCES, CONNECTION and RESPECT. A tourism that doesn’t exploit the resources of this beautiful mother Earth and connects us as human beings.


Soon we were sharing the idea with our friends and family and this is surely the best part of the experience: being guided and supported by people around us. It makes us work with so much energy and love.

At this point we have just started a 4 months programme with YUZZ Cantabria, where we can better shape Surfarm. We want you to join this journey because we believe that growing community since the very beginning can bring so much beauty and energy.

If you had an alternative tourism experience, join us and share it! We need dynamos onboard.

Be part of it and #GrowCommunity!

Food is Free

Inspiring Stories 


We would like to share with you a few stories of  POSITIVE CHANGE and introduce  you to one of our #Heroes! The first one is a story of true inspiration: the Food Is Free project!

Food Is Free

Everything started with a front yard garden in Austin, Texas (US). A few years ago John had the idea to grow food in his front yard garden and share it with his neighbours. He soon realised the power of the ripple effect and the benefits of harvesting food in the unused public spaces: people getting to know each other, building community and the opportunity to experience fresh, healthy and organic food.

Less than five months later, the majority of neighbours had a front yard community garden, which not only provides them with lots of veggies, but also encourages people to interact and connect. Gaining independence from a broken agriculture system is also very important, thus they decided to start an NGO and spread the word around the globe.

Lot of people has joined the movement and they keep on spreading the “Glocally”concept, which means to think globally and act locally. We like it pretty much and stories alike Food Is Free really motivates us to continue.

This is how the front community garden map looks like:


So join them!

As soon as the first fruits and vegetables begin to grow at SurFarm,  we will start a “food is free” in our community. Because no matter how small we are, we can all add up when we act together!

A lot more information on their website Food Is Free, on the platform Over Grow The System or in social media, where they share their mistakes and successes and invite other people to start a front yard garden in their cities and share their experience.