The initial spark!

Our Journey 👣

What is next in our life? That’s how everything started.

Today we want to share a part of our journey with you!

Talking about the future is something that most of us do constantly and so were we. The future is by definition unknown and sometimes it may be scary. Trying to stay present at those moments and write the future down on a piece of paper has usually worked for us. That’s exactly what we were doing when we came up with the idea of SurFarm.

At that time, we had just moved to Barcelona, which is the most vivid place we’ve ever lived in before. The lovely city is so rich in culture, mixtures and aromas that one can feel connected to other corners of the world. It will always have a place in our soul but like everything else, it’s got an issue too. The city has become a “must visit” in every travel list. It doesn’t matter the season or neighbourhood, all over the place you can easily bump into someone with a camera glued to the left eye. The extreme form of tourism in Barcelona leaves a negative impact on the culture and values which make the city a great place to be!

We clearly see a great potential for a change within the immense tourism sector. We thought it was worth trying to contribute to an alternative kind of tourism, bringing people together to do “insideseeing” instead of sightseeing. An alternative kind of tourism means for us a tourism based on EXPERIENCES, CONNECTION and RESPECT. A tourism that doesn’t exploit the resources of this beautiful mother Earth and connects us as human beings.


Soon we were sharing the idea with our friends and family and this is surely the best part of the experience: being guided and supported by people around us. It makes us work with so much energy and love.

At this point we have just started a 4 months programme with YUZZ Cantabria, where we can better shape Surfarm. We want you to join this journey because we believe that growing community since the very beginning can bring so much beauty and energy.

If you had an alternative tourism experience, join us and share it! We need dynamos onboard.

Be part of it and #GrowCommunity!