Food is Free

Inspiring Stories 


We would like to share with you a few stories of  POSITIVE CHANGE and introduce  you to one of our #Heroes! The first one is a story of true inspiration: the Food Is Free project!

Food Is Free

Everything started with a front yard garden in Austin, Texas (US). A few years ago John had the idea to grow food in his front yard garden and share it with his neighbours. He soon realised the power of the ripple effect and the benefits of harvesting food in the unused public spaces: people getting to know each other, building community and the opportunity to experience fresh, healthy and organic food.

Less than five months later, the majority of neighbours had a front yard community garden, which not only provides them with lots of veggies, but also encourages people to interact and connect. Gaining independence from a broken agriculture system is also very important, thus they decided to start an NGO and spread the word around the globe.

Lot of people has joined the movement and they keep on spreading the “Glocally”concept, which means to think globally and act locally. We like it pretty much and stories alike Food Is Free really motivates us to continue.

This is how the front community garden map looks like:


So join them!

As soon as the first fruits and vegetables begin to grow at SurFarm,  we will start a “food is free” in our community. Because no matter how small we are, we can all add up when we act together!

A lot more information on their website Food Is Free, on the platform Over Grow The System or in social media, where they share their mistakes and successes and invite other people to start a front yard garden in their cities and share their experience.


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